11 Wedding-Planning Lessons We Learned from Movies

Monday, January 12, 2015 by Jessica Hagy
@ http://www.brides.com

weddingIt might not come as a shocker to you, but around here we love wedding movies. From the romantic throwbacks to the crass comedies, our affection for the wedding-centric runs deep. And while they’ll always be familiar friends to cozy up to, wedding flicks can also be a legitimate source of inspiration for brides-to-be. From décor, to vows, to wedding dress aspirations, cinema can offer some important matrimonial lessons. To start, here are eleven lessons we’ve learned from some of our very favorite flicks.

1. Father of the Bride: Five months is a tight timeline for a wedding — even with an uber fabulous wedding coordinator.

2. Wedding Crashers: Every DJ playlist should include the song “Shout” (preferably played at the end of the evening)

3. Bridesmaids: Don’t eat Brazilian food before your bridal fittings.

4. Sex and the City: A white vintage suit can be bridal (and endlessly chic).

5. Love Actually: Be wary of enlisting friends as your wedding photographer or videographer.

6. The Hangover: Make sure your groom’s bachelor party takes place at least a few weeks in advance of the wedding.

7. My Best Friend’s Wedding: Do not lick that ice sculpture. Nope, don’t test it! We’re serious.

8. Sixteen Candles: Politely decline when someone offers you a muscle relaxer on your wedding day.

9. The Princess Bride: Make sure you approve of your officiant’s, ahem, style of speech, before the wedding takes place.

10. Sweet Home Alabama: Rain on your wedding day? Don’t fret — it’s majorly romantic.

11. When Harry Met Sally: Coconut cake can get soggy. It’s really best keep the sauce on the side.

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